Restaurant and Cafe - Questions and answers


What makes it a good restaurant? The long tradition of collecting the world's finest techniques, principles and recipes, made artists out of our cooks. How's the food? We try to make every meal a memorable one. It is our goal to make you develop a new sense of taste. We want to present you with brand new aromas, but also to remind you on some which you have always loved. What if you have some special demands and needs? Chef will be happy to prepare meals in accordance with your needs and request.


Why would I drink my coffee there? Because you want the best of Belgrade. Because you don’t need to search for long and go far in order to feel true Belgrade’s spirit. Because this is the perfect place to relax and think only of nice things. What is the atmosphere? You know those places where you feel like at your friends house, relaxed, cheerful…where you have your favorite table and the perfect type of coffee? Café Parkić is one of those places where you proudly invite your friends, happy cause you’re the one who showed it to them. Can I get a snack there? Café Parkić offers variety of excellent sandwiches, salads and attractive, special sweets.